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產品類別: 港九培靈研經會

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Jesus Name Above All Names

原價: HK$ 50.0
售價: HK$ 50.0
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Ten session of The 76th Hong Kong Bible Conference 2004

01 Jesus Christ is Lord
02 Choosing the Narrow Way of Jesus
03 The Invitation from Jesus
04 Harvesting for Jesus
05 The Great Commission of Jesus
06 The Decisive Question of Jesus
07 The Presence of Jesus
08 The Revival of Jesus
09 Vistory in the Authority of Jesus
10 Joining the Wedding Feast of Jesus

多媒體 商品名稱 Jesus Name Above All Names
主講︰ Dr. Robert E. Coleman
出版年份 : 2017
出版︰ Hong Kong Bible Conference
媒體︰ 書本